A real-world experience set in a work environment

The focus of this program is to help students gain an increased understanding of their options before leaving high school.

Some of the businesses we serve are: Signature Custom Cabinetry, Meridian Products, Yoders, Landis Homes, Beechtree Trading many more!

Job Shadowing

Job Shadowing

Students can experience different types of employment that they are interested in by shadowing employees at real jobs in the community.

Work Based Learning Experience

Students get on the job paid training for up to 90 hours per school year.  Student participation is evaluated by both an Employment Specialist and the employer to ensure the student’s transition into the community work force is a positive one!

OVR Assesments

We are offering work assessments, job location and job support to all qualified adults age 21 or older. Qualification to provide this service enhances the ability of Lighthouse to support both students and adults as they explore vocational options.