This program offers diverse adult education opportunities for the enhancement of individuals’ skills and quality of life. Our offerings include training in Daily Living Skills such as laundry & cleaning; Exercise & Nutrition; Music; Art; Cooking & Baking. A Sensory Room with special therapeutic objects is provided to help participants develop focus, calm, and sensory awareness.

Sensory Room

The Sensory Room, an important resource in the Strengthening Pathways program, provides a safe and quiet space for individuals who are having a challenging time being in a large group, and it is utilized throughout the day by several individuals who need a space to relax and keep themselves calm.

Choice-Based Program

The Strengthening Pathways program provides a variety of activities throughout the day with the focus of growing motor, cognitive, communication, and social skills. Each participant has opportunities to discover new talents, increase confidence, and engage in activities of their choice.


Able Creations

This art aspect to our Strengthening Pathways program helps meet participants’ needs by providing therapeutic art projects that help them develop focus, calm, and sensory awareness.



Staff Spotlight: Tina Flowers – DSP and Multi-Talented Artist – Impacting Many Places

Apr 29, 2022 |Staff Spotlight

Tina Flowers is a Direct Support Professional (DSP) in our STEP program; this consists of working half a day in Vocational Training and half a day in Strengthening Pathways (SP), our enrichment activities program.

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