What is The Shine Collective?

The SHINE Collective is a program developed by LVS staff that focuses on building participants’ skills while supporting community members in financial, social, emotional, and/or spiritual need. The first phase of this project centers on planning, cooking, and distributing home-cooked lasagna meals to community members. Through this endeavor, The SHINE Collective aims to be a visible expression of God’s love by Spreading Hope In Neighborly Encounters.

How will participants benefit?

  • Learn how to locate and pay for menu items in a grocery store
  • Learn how to follow a recipe and ask for help when needed
  • Learn to use kitchen utensils, appliances, and new cooking techniques • Practice introducing themselves and sharing about Lighthouse to others
  • Enhance their ability to work as part of a team to accomplish a task
  • Learn how to appropriately maintain conversations with others
  • Being part of supporting community members in need

How will the community benefit?

  • Help work toward decreasing food insecurity
  • Help improve the social, mental, and emotional well-being of community members through in-person encounters
  • Community members receiving a home-cooked meal results in extra time in their day or money in their pocket
  • Opportunity to socialize with Lighthouse participants and staff, if interested
  • Chance to learn more about LVS
  • Invitation to recommend other community members who would benefit from a meal
  • Potential to help our program partner with other local non-profit organizations

How can I get involved?

For all inquiries, including information about The SHINE Collective, how to support the program, how to receive a meal, or how to recommend others who would benefit from a meal, please fill out a meal application or contact Denise Johnston at [email protected] or (717) 354-0355.