This program gives individuals the opportunity to explore and volunteer in their community. Lighthouse partners with many local non-profits where participants build community connections, assist others, grow their skills and experience the joy of giving through volunteering.

Three main objectives of Community Participation are:

  1. To provide community integration opportunities based on individuals’ interests  
  2. To develop and sustain valued relationships with community members   
  3. To provide volunteer opportunities that promote vocational skills development  


We volunteer at over 16 area non-profits. Volunteering has led to many relationships with community members and businesses.



We currently have an internship with New Holland Grocery Outlet. Our internship contracts last 1 year and the participant goes once a week. Internships are a great way to gain job experience!

Self Improvement

Self Improvement

Individuals that volunteer and have internships with CPS gain job skills and independence to work towards competitive employment.


Spotlight on Excellence

Apr 27, 2022 |Staff Spotlight

Congratulations to Denise and David---for their valuable contributions that support and advance our Lighthouse mission.

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