Lighthouse Vocational Services was proud to host two college interns this summer! Grace Dougherty is a junior Marketing major at Elizabethtown College, and Michael Gombos is a senior Finance major at Temple University. Let’s learn more about them…


What is your role at Lighthouse?

Grace Dougherty

Grace Dougherty (GD): I am a Creative Marketing Intern, working under Nate Bouffard, Lighthouse’s Creative Director, hoping to bring “fresh eyes” to the different material and media already in place.

Michael Gombos

Michael Gombos (MG): I am the Finance Intern working under Lighthouse’s CFO, Ryan Ellis.  I’m working on the accounting side and also doing projects such as financial projections.

What made you curious about an internship at Lighthouse?

GD: When I saw the description [for the Creative Marketing internship] I saw a good balance of tasks I knew I would be able to do, along with things I could learn and challenge myself with.  I’m also part of the Best Buddies program at school, so Lighthouse is very similar to things I’ve done in the past.


MG: I’d never even thought about or understood the finances of a non-profit.  I wanted to learn how [Lighthouse] earns revenue and stays sustainable and grows as a non-profit.

What were your initial thoughts about Lighthouse and the first week of your internship?


GD: I thought everything was very organized, and there was a lot going on!  I was impressed to see how everything on the floor operates. My first week went well; I had fun meeting different participants.

MG: [The building] was much larger than I would have thought!  It was very well thought out with the design and
the roles of each employee. My first week was very informative!  I learned a lot very quickly about each department of Lighthouse and how they intermingle and add to the culture of the company.


What are some goals you have for yourself for your internship?


GD: I want to gain new experiences and make connections along the way.  I want to learn more on the social media side
of running a business.


MG: I want to learn some basics in accounting and finance and gain
experience in the non-profit accounting world, and just understand how it works.

How do you think this internship will help you in your schooling and career path?


GD: Having the experience under my belt looks good on a resumé.  It’s one thing to be taught in school; it’s another to be in the workspace and apply it.

MG: Learning different aspects of accounting I’ve never touched before and working directly under Ryan, who is very knowledgeable, will help me gain experience that I can use in school and future employment.

A big thank you to Grace and Michael for sharing your talents with Lighthouse this summer!  Thanks to Eileen Campbell, our Benefits Counselor and Special Projects Coordinator for facilitating our internship program!

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