Lighthouse Spotlight on Excellence Award

This award honors another staff member and recognizes, acknowledges and “spotlights” on how they demonstrate excellence in their role.

In an article I read recently, it stated, “we demonstrate honor by placing others above ourselves. Romans 12:10 says… Honor one another above yourselves. Contrary to most competitions, this game is won by lifting others up, not ourselves. Our goal is to help others be successful. In the honoring game, victory comes when we are genuinely happy when we see others being placed on the winner’s platform.”

Our first recipient on the winner’s platform is: 

Emily Bauman ~~ Emily has a great attitude, is always willing to help and executes her work with great skill and creativity. She is a good communicator when working on teams., great at asking good questions, courteous and also brings many fresh ideas to the table.

Our second recipient on the winner’s platform is:

Cheryl Brooks ~~ Cheryl has worked hard over the last few years and created a diverse and amazing employment team. She has developed relationships in the community, and expanded into new counties. I have seen her invest in her team leaders and give them opportunities to grow. She focuses on nothing but the participant and wants the focus on the participant! She shares stories of their successes proudly and will do all she can to help them through any challenges. Her team adores her and she is always there for them.  Cheryl makes working with her so easy and carefree! Cheryl follows our mission and values with exuberance, and loves LVS just as much as we love her.

 – Maryellen Summers – Human Resources Associate 


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