Our Kind-Hearted, Calming Canine



Lighthouse has a beauty queen. You may have seen her grace the hallway with her wavy black tresses, sparkling eyes, and a cold wet nose. As a 28-pound ball of energy, Gussy brings joy to Lighthouse.

“Gussy is a hambone,” says her owner, Sandy Miller, our Transportation Coordinator.

As a stunning English Cocker Spaniel, Gussy travels to compete in dog shows in many states: Pennsylvania, Ohio, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia and Connecticut. Her proud dog mom, Sandy, displays her colorful prize ribbons on her office wall. Gussy made it to Nationals last year in Gettysburg and won third place for her breed.

As a dog show competitor, Gussy learned how to show, how to make a stance for the judges, and how to strut down the walkway with confidence. Her black coat is pristine due to a beauty routine that includes hair grooming, and a shampoo and conditioning treatment. As a pageant queen, fitness and diet are important. Her diet includes soft Gibbles with one scrambled egg (the protein keeps her coat shiny). More importantly, Gussy is beautiful on the inside and volunteers at Lighthouse to make the world a better place. “Gussy loves the participants,” says Sandy. Her wagging tail and vibrant personality brings a smile to their faces.

Part of being a beauty queen is being a role model who brings out the best in people. On one occasion, when a participant was distressed, Sandy asked, “Do you need Gussy?” Gussy rested her head on the participant’s lap; it only took a few minutes, and the individual was feeling much better.

Gussy has many aspirations including passing the PA Therapy Dog Certification Test and world peace. One of the rigorous parts of that test is leaving that delicious food sitting on the floor alone. “She’s a foodaholic,” Sandy says. With big eyes, eyelashes and charm, Gussy makes friends and gets biscuits wherever she goes.

We wish Gussy the best of luck in her upcoming shows and also reward her bubbly personality with the prestigious title of:“Lighthouse’s Miss Congeniality.”

~ Emily Bauman, Marketing & Communications Assistant

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