The Extra Give is getting closer, and Lighthouse is very excited to be a part of this awesome – one day – fundraising event once again!

Over the years, your Extra Give donations have done so much for the individuals we serve, such as:

  1. Helped build the current Strengthening Pathways Great Room.
  2. Helped purchase items for the Art and Music Program.
  3. Helped purchase supplies for the SHINE Collective to prepare meals for families in need.
  4. Helped supply vocational items for individuals that have been hired outside of Lighthouse.

Those are just four different examples of the impact that amazing donors like you have made.

All that just goes to show that because of your generosity and loving heart, you have directly contributed to the vocational and educational journey of each of the men and women we serve.

Thank you for your continued support of these amazing people!

Come to Lighthouse on Friday, November 18th from 5-7 pm and enjoy some dinner from a food truck. You can also take a tour of Lighthouse and donate at one of our Extra Give giving stations! 144 Orlan Rd. New Holland.

And please remember to visit our Extra Give page HERE on November 18th to donate to Lighthouse Vocational Services!


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